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Traveling with Pets: 3 Quick Tips to Ease the Trip


Don’t want to leave your beloved pet behind next time you go on vacation? Here are a few quick tips for traveling with your pets.

Don’t want to leave your beloved pet behind next time you go on vacation? Here are a few tips to traveling with pets from The Frugal Traveler:

Traveling with Pets Tip #1: Research your destination’s pet-friendliness first.

For example, England will let you bring your pet if it is properly documented and from a list of approved countries. Otherwise, Spot is in for a six-month quarantine. And check out your hotel before you book a room. Pettravel.com lists pet-friendly hotels across the world. Go to Petsonthego.com for more information on international pet travel.

Traveling with Pets Tip #2: Send them separately.

Sites like Petrelocation.com are like doggie travel agents, setting up travel arrangements for pets to anywhere in the world. They will handle paperwork, deal with customs officials, make pet hotel reservations, and arrange pickup for your animal’s departure flight.

Traveling with Pets Tip #3: Bring your pet’s medical records.

Some countries require pets to be current on vaccinations, while pet day care centers often require medical records.

Happy trails to you and your pet!

Amy Mullen is a writer and editor, and this is her guest post. She would rather travel than breathe. Unfortunately, the former can not replace the latter to sustain life, and also interferes with paying her bills, so she goes wherever she can, whenever she has the means. Her travel talents include getting lost in the Tokyo subway system, finding the cheapest beer in Reykjavik, and mistaking a brothel in Singapore for a karaoke bar with one of her favorite sisters.

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