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3 Great Reasons Why Road Trips Are Better Than Flying


Ditch the lengthy security checks and crowded plane cabins for a more relaxing travel experience with these reasons why road trips are better than flying.

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In the age of social distancing, climbing aboard a crowded plane is often the last thing anyone wants to do.

Though certain forms of transportation may be a bit more restricted right now, you can still fulfill your need for travel by embarking on an exciting road trip. Road trips are a great way to take your travel adventures into your own hands. With the wheel at your fingertips, you can embark on a journey unlike any you’ve experienced before.

Though you may not reach your destination as quickly as you would via plane, and your car won’t have all the amenities of a first-class seat, there are still many reasons why road trips are better than flying, as this guide explores.

More flexibility

One of the best reasons why road trips are better than flying is the added level of flexibility they afford. Traveling via plane can be a stressful experience. Between cramming all your belongings into one suitcase, praying it’s under the weight limit, and then wading through endless TSA lines, the whole process is exhausting.

Embarking on a road trip, however, is a much more relaxing affair. There’s far more flexibility regarding what you can bring, when you can leave, and where you can stop along the way. In fact, the only rules you’ll need to play by during a road trip are your own!

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The journey is half the fun

It’s a known fact of traveling that getting there is half the fun. This is certainly the case when it comes to road trips. Embarking on a road trip with friends provides you the perfect opportunity to reconnect and spend some quality time with one another. During your time in the car, you can listen to your favorite music, play car games, and reminisce about your friendship over the years.

You and your friends can be as loud and energetic as you’d like, unlike flying where you’re stuck in a crowded cabin and must stay silent for fear of disturbing the other passengers. During your road trip, you will likely also see and experience many exciting things. The stops you make along the way and the spur of the moment detours you take will make the road trip truly one of a kind and will help form shared memories that everyone in your group will remember for a long time. 

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Lower cost

There’s a practical element to road-tripping instead of flying, as well. In most cases, regardless of the length of your journey, the departure site, and the final destination, taking a road trip will be less costly than flying. Airplane tickets are typically very costly and can eat up most of your travel budget. This is particularly true if you are booking an impromptu journey to a popular travel destination.

Taking a road trip allows you to cut some of those travel costs. You can use your own car and shop around to find the best gas prices on the road. As a bonus, you will already have a car when you reach your final destination, so you won’t need to shell out additional costs for a rental car.

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