1Around the World in 20 Street Foods

“One of our favourite things about travelling the world is trying out the street foods each country has to offer. It’s fascinating (and tasty!) to see what cultures from across the globe grab for a bite to eat when they’re on the move, so we’ve taken a look at 20 of the best. Some might be instantly recognisable and some you may never have heard of, but trust us, they’re all worth trying if you get the chance!”

220 Street Foods Infographic #1: Jerk Chicken, Jamaica

Jerk Chicken

Where: Kingston, Jamaica

Cost: 400 Jamaican dollars / £2.35 for a quarter chicken

Calories: 271

Ingredients: Chicken on the bone and secret recipe marinade (usually consists of allspice, thyme, scotch bonnet chilies, ginger and spring onions

320 Street Foods Infographic #2:


Where: Rome, Italy

Cost: €2.00 / £1.65 for two small scoops

Calories: 90

Ingredients: Cream, milk and sugar

420 Street Foods Infographic #3:


Where: Bogotá, Colombia

Cost: 2000 Colombian Pesos / £0.50 each

Calories: 150

Ingredients: Corn flour

520 Street Foods Infographic #4:

Falafel / Taʿamiya

Where: Cairo, Egypt

Cost: 3 Egyptian pounds / £0.25 each

Calories: 488

Ingredients: Falafel (made from fava beans) in pita bread with pickled vegetables, salad and tahini sauce

620 Street Foods Infographic #5:


Where: Jakarta, Indonesia

Cost: 17,500 Indonesian rupiah / £0.99 for a bowl

Calories: 303

Ingredients: Beef meatballs, tapioca, noodles, rice vermicelli, beef broth and salted vegetables

720 Street Foods Infographic #6:


Where: Barcelona, Spain

Cost: €1.50 / £1.25 each

Calories: 234

Ingredients: Flour, usually rolled in cinnamon sugar or dipped in hot chocolate

820 Street Foods Infographic #7:

Chilli Crab

Where: Singapore

Cost:  25 Singaporean dollars / £14 for 1 kg

Calories: 565

Ingredients: Crab in sweet and sour tomato, egg and chilli sauce

920 Street Foods Infographic #8:


Where: Seoul, South Korea

Cost: ₩2,300 / £1.50 each

Calories: 295

Ingredients: White rice and seaweed with additional fillings such as fish, meat and eggs

1020 Street Foods Infographic #9:


Where: Mexico City, Mexico

Cost: 55 Mexican pesos / £2.20 each

Calories: 173

Ingredients: Toasted tortilla, common toppings include refried beans, guacamole, salsa and cheese or seafood options

1120 Street Foods Infographic #10:


Where: Shanghai, China

Cost: ¥37 / £4.20 for ten

Calories: 309

Ingredients: Dough, minced pork and aspic

1220 Street Foods Infographic #11:


Where: Québec, Canada

Cost: 7 Canadian dollars / £4

Calories: 740

Ingredients: Chips, cheese curds and gravy. Learn what is poutine here.

While you’re at it, check out our awesome collection of facts about Canada!

1320 Street Foods Infographic #12:

Pulled Pork

Where: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Cost: $6 / £4.5

Calories: 283

Ingredients: Pork, bun and BBQ sauce

1420 Street Foods Infographic #13:

Bubble Tea

Where: Taipei, Taiwan

Cost: 35 New Taiwanese dollars / £0.60

Calories: 160

Ingredients: Tapioca, milk, brewed tea, sugar and water

1520 Street Foods Infographic #14:


Where: Kraków, Poland

Cost: 12 Polish złoty / £2.30 per dish

Calories: 170

Ingredients: Flour, egg, water and salt dough dumpling, filled with meat, potato or cheese

1620 Street Foods Infographic #15:


Where: Manila, Philippines

Cost: 47 Philippine pesos / £0.75 for a cup

Calories: 153

Ingredients: Shaved ice, milk and various fruits

1720 Street Foods Infographic #16:

Bánh Mì

Where: Hanoi, Vietnam

Cost: 15,000 Vietnamese dong / £0.50

Calories: 579

Ingredients: Crispy baguette filled with a mix of coriander, pickled carrot, daikon and meats

1820 Street Foods Infographic #17:

Bunny Chow

Where: Durban, South Africa

Cost: 10 South African rand / £0.50 for a quarter-loaf

Calories: 178

Ingredients: Loaf of bread filled with a variety of thick curries

1920 Street Foods Infographic #18:

Simit Bread

Where: Istanbul, Turkey

Cost: 75 Kuruş / £0.20

Calories: 325

Ingredients: Bread with sesame seeds and molasses

2020 Street Foods Infographic #19:


Where: Mumbai, India

Cost: 5 rupees / £0.05 for a cone

Calories: 322

Ingredients: Puffed rice, vegetables and tangy tamarind sauce

2120 Street Foods Infographic #20:


Where: Lima, Peru

Cost: 25 Peruvian Nuevo Sol / £5

Calories: 226

Ingredients: Raw fish marinated in lime juice, salt and chilli

This infographic was created for SousVideTools.com. It was edited down here into separate slides to reduce the page load time of the entire, large graphic, but you can find the full infographic here »

And, our own article about the benefits of eating street food here »


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